6V Battery.

6V Battery

Interstate Batteries
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Our inventory is ordered as needed. Please allow 7-10 Business days for delivery. You will be contacted via email with shipping times within 1-2 business days from time of ordering.

  • 6 Volts
  • 447 Reserve Capacity (RC)@25 Amps
  • 225 Amp Hours (AH)@20 Hr
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Extreme Cycle


  • Group Size: GC2
  • Part Number: GC2-ECL-UTL
  • (RC) Min @ 75 Amp: 447
  • Amp Hours (Ah) @ 20 Hr: 225
  • Length: 10 5/16
  • Width: 7 1/8
  • Height: 11
  • Weight: 62
  • Voltage: 6 

High-density Paste Formulation

Specifically engineered to extend the life of conductive material while improving battery performance.


Collects paste waste as the battery ages for optimal life.

Easy-access Watering Ports

For quicker maintenance to keep your battery running at peak performance.

Premium Separator Technology

Unique design forms a superior barrier between positive and negative plates allowing electrolytes to flow freely for maximum battery life.

Lead Antimony Grid

Works in conjunction with the high-density paste to reduce corrosion and improve battery performance.