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Ideal for rubber roofs. Heavy, flexible, non-hardening butyl material that remains pliable as packaged. Releases easily from its silicone-treated backer. For use under moldings, around windows, doors and vents. Can be used to seal and waterproof overlapping metals and easily shaped and formed to seal difficult areas.

Used To: Seal Narrow Seams
Caulk Type: Rubber
Color: White
Unit Size: 10 Ounce
Unit Type: Cartridge
Unit Quantity: Single



  • Skinning Butyl Rubber
  • Exterior Or Interior Use
  • Adheres To Many Dissimilar Building Materials
  • The Ideal Exterior Weathering Sealant
  • Easily Applied
  • Will Not Crack Over Time
  • Will Not Stain The Substrate Surface
  • Ideal For Sealing Narrow Seams
  • No Supplier Warranty